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Letter to Hootsuite Alumni

#Hootsuite Alumni


a letter to #hootsuite alumni

New Hootsuite Alumni,

These may not be the circumstances you wanted to join that club, but we have seen so many people in that club go on to start and build amazing businesses. This could be your chance.

I used to work at BlackBerry and was in Waterloo during the years of massive successive layoffs. It was a very scary time for many people. They had families, mortgages, bills to pay, and so much uncertainty. To make matters worse, Waterloo didn’t have a job market that could absorb that many people.

So many of those people ended up starting businesses of their own: consultancies, agencies, tech companies, you name it. And over time, those businesses grew. In fact, much of the maturity and strength we see today in Waterloo’s businesses and startup ecosystem is a result of what that group of BlackBerry Alumni created with their new beginning.

This could be that moment for you.

To encourage you in your next steps, for a limited time, Ink LLP is offering Incorporations to Hootsuite Alumni FREE of legal fees.

Maybe it is time you start that tech company you’ve been dreaming about, or that consultancy you’ve imagined. Our hope is that this removes one extra barrier to your pursuit of that.

Contact us at the NEXTSTEPS@INKLLP.COM to get started!

Onwards and upwards!







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If you provide a service of value and would like to offer it to #Hootsuite Alumni as part of this campaign, contact us at NEXTSTEPS@INKLLP.COM. We’d love to help spread the word!