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Startups &

Emerging Companies

We know who you are.

You’re crazy. You’re a dreamer. You’re a hustler. You see something no one else does. You’re putting everything on the line and going all in. You’re running hard. Your ambitions are great. You are setting out to change the world, in some way or another.

You’re pushing to commercialize your invention, get first to market, disrupt the established giants in your industry, break down a barrier, or create an impact.

We know who you are, now let us tell you who we are.

our story

what we do

We help entrepreneurs establish, build and lead their businesses.

We do that by providing strategic legal advice geared to the stage of your business and your ambitions for growth. Here are some of the areas we help:


Advising on the optimal setup of “investable” businesses.

Incorporation / Restructuring
Co-founders Issues
Shareholder Issues
Employees / Contractors


Advising on venture capital financing strategies and structuring options at all stages, from seed to exit.

Equity / Shares
Convertible Debt
SAFEs / Convertible Equity


Advising on the formulation and structuring of effective commercialization strategies.

License Agreements
Service Agreements
Joint Ventures
Distribution Agreements
Letters of Intent


Advising on exit opportunities and helping companies build with those ambitions in mind.

Go-Public Transactions
Strategic Succession Planning

getting started

If you’re building a business, we’d love to meet you.

Contact us at STARTUPS@INKLLP.COM. We’ll set up a whiteboarding session at our office, no charge, to show how we might be able to add value to your business.