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The technology industry is unlike any other. To build well and ensure strong growth, you need legal counsel that speaks the language of the industry, understands its nuances and is familiar with its ecosystem.

We have developed that strength in technology through decades of experience in the industry, and by advising hundreds of companies in the areas of: e-commerce, fintech, cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, agritech, wearables and hardware, telecommunications, consumer goods and electronics, aerial robotics (drones), oil and gas tech, software (including SAAS), VR/AR, medical and digital health tech, life sciences and data management, among others.

In addition to providing business advisory and financing counsel to entrepreneurs, investors and companies in the technology space, some of the areas we advise on include:

  • Strategies for monetizing intellectual property assets

  • Intellectual property development, protection and infringement

  • Data privacy and security issues

  • Cryptocurrency security regulation compliance

  • ROFR and Co-Sale Agreements, Voting Agreements and Shareholder Rights Agreements

  • Website and mobile app policies, and end user license agreements.


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